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Royex Blast

Royex is a powerful Rock Breaking product,
safer than Blasting, with all the power
you need to for any sized rock job.


Royex Deflagrating Cartridges

Royex is a top of the line rock breaking system that is designed for rock breaking jobs that conventional explosives are not allowed by regulation or too sensitive to blast. At the forefront revolutionary technology, the Royex Generation II System is the first deflagrating cartridge system that offers timing and delays. It has been developed into the most effective propellant cartridge because of the consistency in the powder mixture and power in the Maxfire Igniter. The Royex system is available in both electric and shock tube versions which allow them to be set off with any detonator. Apex Rock Breaking Solutions is proud to be Canada’s distributor of Royex and provides a full training course and certification for its use! Royex is the only propellant system around that offers it’s versatility and capabilities.

Royex Alone


In order to purchase and operate Royex cartridges you need the Royex Manufacturer Training Certification (or you can hire a Certified Royex Professional to do so for you). Apex Rock Breaking Solutions offers this course bi-monthly. This is a two day course, with one day spent on the theory in the classroom and another day with hands on expereince of using Royex in a quarry. This training course allows you to get familiar with all the different sizes of cartridges, their optimum uses (which cartridge is suited to which type of rock or concrete), as well as operating procedures and safety requirements. For more information or to register please contact or call us at 604-540-2002!


Simple and easy, all Royex users are only required to be certified through the manufactuers training! 

Plan your project! Know what charges of the Royex you will need and the optimal drill pattern to break your rock or concrete.


Execute your plan! Drill and load your holes with the Royex explosive to the manufactures standards.


Following the safety regulations, fire the Royex cartridges and break your rock!


Yes! Apex can provide a certified Royex professional and crew to be hired for any type of rock or concrete breaking job!
Signing up for training is easy as pie. If you have a group or are signing up individually, simply email or call 604-540-2002 to get more information and to register!
Royex offers a safe and less disruptive option to blasting and is the best choice when blasting isn't allowed. Royex also involves less training and permitting.