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Royex Cartridge 32mm
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The Royex Generation II cartridge is a non-detonating rock breaking cartridge that does not generate any shock waves through the rock, allowing the rock to break naturally without stress. The Royex Gen II formula has the highest propellant mixture density available in any rock breaking cartridge today to ensure you get the most bang for your buck! The components in the Royex Generation II cartridge mixture have been sieved, ground, analyzed and then tested for grain separation prior to mixing. This means the mixture will always be perfectly mixed and performs consistently regardless of vibrations during transport, storage or handling!

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Efficiencies: Efficiency (In situ) 1 m³ / 100 gram cartridge Efficiency (Boulder) 20 m³ / 100 gram cartridge Powder factor (in situ) 0.6 (Anfo, 1,00) Powder factor (Boulder) 0.01 (Anfo 1,00) General safety area: 30 meters Water proof: Yes Shelf life: 18 months in dry and dark storage, avoid direct contact to moisture. Storage conditionsDry and cool. Avoid sunlight

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