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Planning Your Project

Apex Rock Breaking Solutions knows that rock and concrete removal can be a big undertaking. Whether you are a homeowner with a boulder in the way of your beautiful garden, or a contractor faced with a large trenching project, Apex Rock Breaking Solutions has the know how to plan your project from beginning to end. If you are concerned with budget or have a stringent timeline to complete the work, Apex Rock Breaking Solutions can help you pick the best method at the best price for your projects needs! Apex Rock Breaking Solutions is able to meet on site or speak over the phone to help and we are able to provide estimates for you and your team. Different methods that our team may suggest for your rock breaking needs may include:

- Manual Splitting
- Pneumatic Splitting
- Hydraulic Splitting
- Drilling Services 
- Rock Breaking
- NxBurst Blasting 
- NexPro Application 

For any inquires you may have or to hire our team for an estimate, please contact Dennis at 604-690-0100 or email him at!