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  • Expanding Grout 6 products

    Expanding Grouts

    We are excited to keep pushing the limits of this technology, making stronger, faster setting and more reliable expanding grouts.Our latest innovation is Nexpand Pro, or Nex-Pro, and it’s our strongest expanding grout yet.

  • NxBurst And Gear  15products

    Royex & Blasting Gear

    Royex is the superior rock-breaking and concrete demolition alternative to explosives. Easy, cheap and safe, Royex cartridges allow you to bust the biggest boulders, shred reinforced concrete and reshape bedrock surfaces, all without breaking a sweat.

  • Equipment Rentals 20 products

    Equipment Rentals

    Apex has all the equipment you'll need to complete your rock breaking jobs from start to finish available for rent. Click to browse our cataloge of rental products! 

  • Splitters 6 products


    Check out our splitters! For small and large jobs, our feather and wedges, pneumatic and hydraulic splitters are great options to cut costs and time off your rock breaking project!

  • Drills 6 products


    Available for rent or purchase in a range of sizes, our electric and pneumatic drills are high performing and reliable to get the toughest rock breaking jobs done!

  • Drill bits 30 products

    Drill Bits & Steels

    Apex Rock Breaking Solutions stocks a variety of sizes of SDS Max and SDS Plus drill bits. Bigger Job? Bigger Bits? Not a problem! Our Drill Steels and Button-Top Bits are made through special heat treatment to ensure top industry quality for you, our customer!

  • Apex Rocks 6 products

    Apex Rocks

    Check out our assortment of beautiful rock and landscaping services! From edging stones to flagstone to basalt gurglers and more, we have a great selection of natural rock to choose from in different sizes to suit your landscaping needs!

  • Accessories 10 products


    Click here and check out all the great accessories to help along with your rock breaking project! Not to mention the cool Apex Rock Breaking solutions merchandise.

  • Special Order 0 products

    Special Order

    Apex is proud to say if you need a specialized product or tool, we sell and distribute unique tools for special order and custom products to help you and your team get your projects finished with ease.